Susan Delgalvis, an Ohio native, received her BA from Bryn Mawr College and MD from Thomas Jefferson University. She remained a linear thinker until 2006 when while vacationing in Taos, New Mexico she “experienced” an artist painting. She bought the painting and embarked on an unexpected artist’s self-actualization. Her preferred media are photography, photo encaustic, encaustic and mixed media on paper. The body of her work is described as elemental/emotional abstraction.  Her encaustic paintings have been described as sculptural and evocative.

     Susan has exhibited in solo, group and museum shows throughout the United States and in Latvia.

     In 2016, Susan embarked on a full-time Studio practice after retiring from Hematology-Oncology. She had practiced medicine and had been involved in the art community in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Alaska. 

     She and her husband, Andre Delgalvis, a fine art photographer, author and naturalist, own Studio 2138 LLC, a working Studio and Gallery in Grand Junction, Colorado. They are inspired by the geologic diversity of the Colorado Plateau.